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All Types of NCR Items

If you need any kind of NCR Items in bulk, you have come to the right place. We guarantee quality work, on time service and extremely compelling cost.

Pass on your messages to a large audience in a very easy and cost effective manner with our unique designs and printing solutions.

we have all processes and technical assets in place to satisfy your requirements and justify your purpose through our exclusive printing solutions for NCR Items.

Letter head printing

Either you chose from our designs, or give your designs to us and get instant printed letterheads with on time completion. We make it very simple for you to get your letter heads printed and delivered by just uploading your designs on our website, or selecting and ordering one of our designs from our wide collection of professional themes.

Quality and creativity is our guarantee.

Brochure printing

Brochures are one of the best ways that reflects your company’s brand image. High quality and eye catching prints are the essentials of any particular brochure. Brochures are the first point between the company and its customer’s to showcase its products and services and highlight the benefits and uniqueness over competitors in numerous artistic ways of presentation.

With our standardised printing press and dedicated technical staff with immense knowledge and experience in the industry, we come out with suggestions for our clients that make brochures look very appealing and impressive for our client’s customers. With PPS you get exceedingly top rated printing solutions with glossy coatings and bright and true colours with crystal clarity upshots.

Flyers Printing

Flyers are not just about a piece of colourful paper with some content and images. It has lot to do with the kind of design and printing techniques used to produce it. But you do not have to get into these technical requirements. We are here to get you the best flyers with recent technologies and innovative ideas and designs at your service.

You give us your size, content and visual requirements, and we give you the best cost effective printing solutions with preferred quality of paper and colour printing at very much nominal cost.

Business cards

Business cards are not just a matter of identity of an individual serving an organization, but it also reflects the image of a company. Due to technology and change in trends, business cards are no more a standard type with individuals’ details and company logo on a white thick paper card. There are a variety of ideas carved into a business card.

We offer different paper quality and colours of the paper based on your requirement. With stylish glossy or matt finish paper effects to different shapes of the paper instead of traditional rectangular shape that would truly form an identity of an organization or simple and subtle cards, you can rely on PPP for best, efficient, reliable and on time service.


The basic purpose of leaflets is to present too much information in a compact but presentable manner. We understand this as our technical team has years of expertise in making the leaflets for its sole dedicated purpose. Be it multi-fold, multi-colour, or unique and fresh designs, we cater to each and every need of our clients.

Our leaflet printing is available in sizes of A3, A4 and A5 too with versatile designs and patterns suitable for all sorts of communication.

Envelopes printed (Readymade)

To decorate personal or professional communication, envelopes play a very crucial role. We provide both readymade envelope printing and handmade envelope printing.

Our customised solutions are our strength and we can design the readymade envelopes through our unique solution to suit your requirements. With our digital printing technology, we get you amazing colour, size and paper quality combination to bring out eye pleasing effects and designs.

We not just print your designs, we also help you come up with unique designs that would be a correct match for your purpose of communication.

Folder Printing

Holding documents in a professional looking folder gives a grand impact on others. We come up with printing professional folders with multiple utilities like card pockets, pen holders etc.

Our folders come with good quality material offering strength and shining coatings.

All the steps in producing every single folder are checked for its precision in order to be accurate in terms of size, printing and design.

Every order is executed with same consistent efforts and dedication.

Bag printing

Any kind of bag, paper or plastic we have printing solution customised to the purpose of our clients.

We print all sizes of bags at pretty nominal rates and quality. With our quick lamination and glossy coatings, we enhance the looks and presentation of your bags, either using your designs or our designs. With updated technique and fresh material, our printing expertise will send you happy and content. This is our guarantee.

Roller banners printing

Any time line, any design, any material, we deliver all possible sorts of roller banners with your specifications and our best quality in your choice of timeline. Our banners are accompanied with a suitable stand, case and complete printed graphic panel at extremely competitive rates.

We have roller banners right from basic class to the premium banners catering to all sorts of requirements and budgets.

Banner – PVC with Eyelets and many more

For any specification related to banner, we have a solution for it. We have an extensive range of PVC based banners. We cater to small, medium and large banners with exclusive designs and quality.

Our banners are used for indoor and outdoor applications with light and water resistant making it durable. All these banners are equipped with eyelets, cable ties for comfortable handling and maintenance.

Screen Printing

Often companies plan certain campaigns that are time bound and make sense when executed during a certain time period only. We are always on our toes to print in Screen Printing even within a short turnaround time with the same standardised quality.

Also, we are also supportive of environment friendly products and hence our digital printing coatings are all eco-friendly and can also be recycled.

We believe in investing our time and efforts towards healthy products in fastest speed maintaining the quality and cost effectivity.

All kinds of offset printing

Offset printing is the most supreme quality of prints. It is used in multiple applications like, business cards, envelopes, banners, posters, invitations etc.

Under offset printing, charges are decided per pieces which are always competitive. This printing technology is of superior quality because it is done using actual ink and not the toners used in other types of printing.

We seek to use our creative skills to improve your corporate identity on printed documents.

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